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August 2004
Big Democracies at the Crossroads
cover image In just five years, has Indonesia emerged with a more mature political environment than has Russia in the 15 years since the end of the Cold War? Both are large new democracies facing massive decentralization projects and challenges from an old guard. Yet while President Vladimir Putin continues to harden his grip, Indonesian voters saw fit to expunge General Wiranto (pegged as the “Musharraf of Indonesia”) in his hungry but failed third-place bid for the presidency this September. In a balloting year filled with surprises from India and Venezuela, and with Americans battered by the Bush-Kerry race, what do Russia and Indonesia tell us about the future character of democracy as a globally expanding project?
July 2004
Too Much Global?
cover image From the World Summit on the Information Society, where the global and the local are wired and admired, to the mechanisms behind “Fahrenheit 911,” where they team up against the Bush Administration, WorldPaper editor Peter Orne explores the emerging fabric of our shared human perspective. By pairing the global and the local with the national and the personal, he introduces a more perfect union of inquiry into a world caught in the throes of globalization and confronting a loss of communal meaning and values
June 2004
Global Village Versus Faith Tensions
cover image The global war second only to the War on Terror is a world war of religion among Christians, Muslims and Jews. Or so the black ink of the daily headlines, the bloodied hands of extremists, and the inkwells of ivory-tower notables may easily lead us to believe. In the two-plus years since September 11th, however, more moderated voices have begun a serious self-examination within their home countries, leading us toward a keener understanding of cross-societal discord and cultural and religious tensions within the global village